Founded in 1808, Heathcoat Fabrics is the leading supplier of engineered textile solutions. From off the shelf fabrics to bespoke solutions our innovative, customer focused approach ensures that we can design, develop, test and deliver a wide variety of fabrics across the continents to many of the world's leading companies.


Our approach uses in-house expertise and capability to find the right solution for our customers. We have an incredible breadth of resources, including; yarn processing, warping, knitting, finishing and a range of sophisticated chemical enhancements. All of these manufacturing resources of Heathcoat Fabrics are supported by well-equipped research laboratories and high-tech testing facilities, which are all located within our all-encompassing manufacturing site situated within the British county of Devonshire.

We are world-renowned for our expertise and are proud that Heathcoat Fabrics’ achievements are built on the success of our customers. 

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