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Based on the ethos that all business strategies should be grounded in concerns for the global environment, and contribute to realising a sustainable low-carbon society, Heathcoat Fabrics Limited have operated a stringent Environmental Policy since 1990. This policy is implemented across the Company's activities and processes in the development, manufacture, dyeing, finishing, packaging and dispatch of woven and knitted fabrics.

We are committed to showing transparency and openness in matters concerning environmental performance; and to ensuring that all current and future activities, products and services will be carried out with due regard for the environment. Because numerous Heathcoat textiles are integrated with their customers' materials, Heathcoat recognises that all companies must proactively engage to deliver compliance and anticipate and prepare for future regulation. Accordingly, we require all customers, suppliers and third parties, to disclose any controlled reportable substances within their products so that we can accurately define and improve the environmental profile of our materials. It is critical you contact us with your specific requirements; please refer to our statements provided (RoHS / REACH).

To endorse our corporate commitment to comply with the magnitude of international regulations across the global markets, we operate a dedicated Environmental Management Department which determines which issues are important to our company, establishes performance indicators, sets goals for improvement and reports on progress to our Board. This team supports customers and suppliers through their compliance knowledge; especially in the critical areas of controlled and restricted materials and substances.

Heathcoat products are manufactured under an environmental permit, in addition we operate a rigorous Environmental Management System, certified to the International Management Standard ISO 14001:2015 to reduce our impacts and implement our Policy. Continuous objective monitoring, impartial third-party auditing and assessments are an integral part of this system, which identifies the status of our performance and opportunities for improvement. In addition to protecting the global environmental footprint, our management systems are achieving economic and operational efficiencies that meet and exceed the expectancies of our stakeholders.

We will continue to conduct our business with respect and care for nature and the worldwide environment. For more information, please see our current Environmental Policy.

BSI ISO 14001 Manaagement System