R & D

Our Research and Development Centre delivers innovative textile solutions for the applications of tomorrow...

The Heathcoat Fabrics Research and Development Centre provide an extensive technical support service that consistently delivers definitive high performance textile solutions, which are engineered to the most particular customer specifications. Through major R&D investment, proactive management and an unwavering commitment to maintain our technical leadership in the key markets, we have achieved a profound and acknowledged worldwide reputation for excellence.

The highly-qualified and dedicated R&D team have wide-ranging multi-industry experience, and work in close collaboration with customers and our divisional development managers. This combined sharing of specialist knowledge has resulted in the creation of many unique and acclaimed globally applied products. As experienced collaborators we place great importance on clear, professional communication to ensure absolute accuracy and clarity of focus. Solving problems and developing specialist finishes specific to customer requirements is at the core of our technical research and development functions.

We provide pragmatic advice and use our expertise to recommend the best material/fibre choices and the most appropriate selection of fit-for-purpose finishes. We characterise materials precisely and establish the benchmark for future applications.  Epitomising our passion in the quest for new technology textile solutions, we operate a committed and ongoing programme in the development and application of adhesive finishes for the MRG market; specifically to allow bonding of different fibre types to different rubber materials.

Our research and development processes include the ability to accurately simulate the production process to generate fabric samples for systemic testing in our laboratories; assess performance of finishes on a small scale and subsequently analyse and interpret results. We have also developed unique test methods that simulate the end-use of a product, which contributes to identifying the best possible appropriate finish. Through our experimental design approach, this prototyping and testing process allows us to screen and optimise formulations before moving to semi or full production runs. The R&D team follow through every stage of the production process.