Parachute Fabrics

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Leading-edge parachute fabrics used by the best canopy and envelope designers in the world…

From Silk to Kevlar, we have manufactured precision fabrics for the parachute industry for eight decades; and accumulated a profound knowledge in the complexity of fabric construction required for the diverse range of parachute designs and specifications used internationally. Our high tech fabric solutions are produced for a wide range of highly specified military parachute types, and for extreme, hostile environments in the field of action. Applications include man-carrying, load & weapons deployment, aircraft deceleration and UAV systems recovery. Our expertise in the civil sector reflects this long military history, where we have established the design and manufacturing benchmark for precision-engineered parachute fabrics. From traditional to the latest highly steerable performance ram-air designs, we deliver fabrics for a multitude of military and civil applications.

We also make highly durable textiles for parachute packs which are based on many years of fabric development in the provision of exacting ergonomic, security and safety standards demanded by worldwide military organisations. Amongst a host of features, for extra comfort in flight and on the ground, our parachute pack fabrics have high shock-absorbent values and remarkable breathability. We also supply the tough and long-lasting Cordura® fabrics.

For high temperature and fire retardant seating applications in civil and military aircraft, our leading-edge spacetec® 3-D spacer fabric provides extraordinary probabilities. Used in fighter pilot ejection seats, it is the first spacer fabric that is 100% inherently fire retardant and is constructed with a host of innovative features for discerning designers and manufacturers.

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