Precision engineered textiles from the experts in fine tolerance aerospace applications...

We supply high performance knitted and woven ISO conformable fabric solutions for the aerospace industry. Working to extremely fine tolerances, we formulate high level solutions for critical products used in the aerospace industry. Our ability to produce advanced engineered fabrics stems from decades of research, development and testing to create new generation of solutions, fit for purpose. The result is our fabrics are used around the world as a composite part of precision engineered seals, gaskets and diaphragms for application in a multitude of aircraft environments.

Our textiles for door seals are formulated with meta and para-aramids, often with adhesive activated properties, which provides extremely high levels of adhesion compared to non-primed silicon rubber fabrics. We also supply a range of thermo plastic yarns indirectly into the composites industries, which enables successful binding of carbon fibre structures. These are used in many applications in the military and civil aerospace industry, including helicopter blades, constructional, and non-constructional aircraft components.

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