Heathcoat Fabrics has set the standard in the design and manufacture of advanced new-generation technology textiles for all types of transmission belting. We work closely with all the world's major manufacturers of synchronous belting; cast polyurethane and extruded polyurethane belts.

For nearly half a century we have supplied a diverse range of specialist textiles for automotive applications. As a market leader, the company produces unique high performance textile solutions for rubber and silane-interface applications. A wide range of technical under-bonnet products are available under our Turbotec brand for both hot and cold side Turbo Charger and EGR (Exhaust Gas recirculation) hose applications. As pioneering technologists and precision engineers, we relish new development challenges and a key factor in our success is our unique adhesion/priming systems that can be applied to all fabrics and will significantly increase the ability to adhere to the clients' rubber compounds. Under our global synchrotec brand transmission belting textiles are produced for both synchronous (timing) and micro-vee (poly-vee/multi-vee) applications.

Timing belt solutions


As the global market leaders in timing belt applications, our synchrotec brand fabrics serve the market through our dedicated, vertical manufacturing facility, which includes the latest in-house technology treatment and finishing equipment. Over the last decade we have invested heavily into our state-of-art yarn texturising plant. For our clients, this commitment has resulted in the creation of many extraordinary new innovations; such as improved ultra-cohesive textiles for rubber belts, and directionally controlled stretch fabrics for long-length extrusions. These fabrics are available with a range of treatments compatible to CR, HNBR, and EPDM rubbers. Our latest developments are new solutions for belt-in-oil applications.

Under bonnet


Working in discreet collaboration with our customers, we produce exacting engineered hose reinforcement textiles that continue to answer the challenges of duration, reliability, extreme high/low temperature, flex, noise and antistatic requirements. Our Turbotec hose textiles are lightweight, extremely temperature resilient and designed to work in climates from below-zero to over 200 degrees Centigrade. Heathcoat hose textiles are unique and provide extraordinary adhesion qualities for composite application with rubber, silicones and fluorocarbon rubbers. We also supply a range of textiles for under-bonnet seals and diaphragms.

Vehicle interior textile solutions

Heathcoat Fabrics vehicle interior textile solutions encompass the spectrum of upholstery surface aesthetics; spider fabrics for speakers, coil suspension and component performance products in a diverse combination of structures and designs – from our spacetec® range for climate controlled seating, bolsters and instrument panels; to non-woven lumbar supports and fire retardant barrier fabrics; and woven textiles for smart-sensor ballistic protection – to map-pocket netting. Our fabrics conform to FMVSS No: 302 Flammability of Motor Vehicle Interior materials.

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