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Civil engineering collaborations and innovative technical development
achieves leading edge geotextile solutions…

We manufacture geotextile fabrics for special applications such as our own unique civil engineering solution which has been used within the Mose project, helping to save Venice from further flood damage.

Marine construction engineers used a specially designed, woven geotextile fabric as part of the foundations under the 'Moses' gate system that will restrict sea-water from entering the lagoons around Venice's vulnerable streets.

Using our bespoke fabric, the client constructed shaped, geotextile bags for this challenging project. The fabric was woven with critically positioned, coloured marker threads which indicated sewing lines for use during the construction of the convoluted shapes. Whilst empty the bags were fixed to the pre-made gate system before being lowered into position from barges in the lagoons around Venice. Once in place, the bags were filled with a cement grout creating a level, stable foundation. The bags had to be strong enough to withstand the forces of being filled with cement, whilst still being impermeable to the cement yet permeable to water. This ensured the cement wasn't washed away by the sea but still allowed all the sea water to be pushed out of the bag during filling ensuring there were no pockets of water left behind.

Heathcoat Fabrics are producing many bespoke geotextile applications such as river bank and irrigation channel reinforcement to reduce erosion in fast-flow and tidal waterways. For construction and industrial applications, we can supply a broad range of single, or double-layered heavy duty textiles with widths up to 3.6m.