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Heathcoat Fabrics have a long and successful history in providing practical and innovative solutions for the healthcare sector, which enhance and improve the quality of specialist fabric products in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and homes for the elderly. We design and manufacture a special range of knitted and woven para-silk type textiles, which includes high-tenacity meshes, solid knitted fabrics, and lightweight high tensile woven fabrics(including lightweight rip-stop fabrics).

Features and benefits

3D comfort fabrics

For increased comfort and pressure relief our unique 3-D spacetec® fabric is used extensively in the production of patient handling slings. Manufactured to controlled standards, it gives outstanding airflow-to-moisture transfer; and is available with flame-retardant properties in a wide range of weights and colours. This solution exemplifies Heathcoat’s commitment to research, development and the manufacturing of advanced healthcare technology fabrics. Where laundering was once considered to be the only infection control for slings, we answered a serious need to reduce bacterial problems.

Oeko-Tex certification

Working with accredited healthcare equipment specialist producers, we address the problem of nonsocomial infectionwhere the infection typically occurred through ‘common vehicle transmission’ such as patient lifting and toileting slings. Exhaustive tests were implemented and textiles were developed to meet the highest Oekotex Class 100 standard; helping to reduce the occurrence of hospital acquired infection. These products are also REACH compliant, the most recent European legislation to protect human health and the environment from the risks associated from the use of chemicals.

Reduced infection risk

Our specialist fabrics can help reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination, whilst helping reduce body odour without irritation. These specialist fabrics are durable, fashionable, and available in Polyester/Nylon yarns with anti-bacterial properties that can increase levels of comfort and hygiene. All our healthcare fabrics can be dyed to customer-specific colour requirements and supplied with flame retardant treatments and are machine washable.

Continual development

Working closely in partnership with leading academic and industrial institutions on both sides of the Atlantic, we continue to develop solutions to address passive out-bacterial fabrics typically used in hospital wards and surgery departments.

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