Moulded Rubber Reinforcement

Moulded Rubber Reinforcement

The preferred first-choice provider of advanced technology textiles
for the worldwide MRG industry…

For decades Heathcoat Fabrics has set the standard in the design and manufacture of advanced new-generation technology textiles for all types of
textile/rubber composites, working closely with the world’s major manufacturers. In the railway industry we supply special textiles for flexible gangways between carriages.

In the continuing quest to deliver enhanced, high-efficiency, durable products for application in severe hostile environments, we engineer and provide definitive textile solutions that answer the perennial challenges of temperature extremes, flexibility, noise and antistatic requirements; and which are ready for ever-changing environmental requirements. Our high-competency in-house research & development and testing centre, combined with our huge high-capability manufacturing resource, allow us to create unique yarns, fabrics and finishes for all applications. Many of our high performance adhesive-activated fabric solutions answer the increasing demand for high-tech aramid, glass, nylon & polyester composites.

We manufacturer a range of fabrics for specialist belting applications; power and conveyor; and for food conveyance systems, we provide a range of single and double-layer fabrics using a multitude of specialist finishes with a variety of finish types. Our holistic one-stop facility avoids the need to employ low tech, high cost third-party specialists. As a total resource, we deliver best-performance solutions for tomorrow’s MRG applications.

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