Protectivewear fabrics

Precision-engineered textiles for protection in extreme
and hostile environments…

Heathcoat Fabrics provide high performance, precision engineered workwear fabrics for all applications where personal protection and human safety is paramount. We work with the world’s best accredited manufacturers of protective clothing, garments and equipment in the modern world. Our technology textiles deliver innovative high performance safety features in support of the fire, police and rescue services; the military forces in action and, for personnel working in hazardous industrial environments.

Our extensive range of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) fabric solutions are produced with inherently flame resistant fabricsand meshes.·They meet the stringent requirements of globally accepted standards, especially in the provision of critical protection against heat and flame. These fire retardant fabrics provide security and safety across the industrial markets for contractors working in arenas such as the chemical and petro-chemical industry; electricity and gas distribution; railway and road maintenance; and airport refuelling.

We offer a high capability single-source solutions service for all manufacturers that require specialist fabrics for high performance PPE. With a dedicated in-house research and development team that works closely with customers, suppliers and end-users, we solve complex problems and are renowned for delivering innovative leading edge solutions. We are also committed to on-going stringent testing programmes that result in unprecedented levels of protection in specific critical areas that encompass: conspicuity and visibility, severe weather conditions, metal splash, welding spark, chemical splash, electrostatic discharge, and fire risk including electric arc and flash fires.·

Heathcoat Fabrics also market a comprehensive range of CE marked inherently flame resistant underclothing and protective wear These products include underwear with full ‘skin-out’ protection; polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleece jackets and a wide range of balaclavas. We offer a bespoke design service to ensure that all protective garments are custom-fit for our customer end-user requirements.

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